Christophe Wechsler

Art Director

I just want to do creative work... and make it really, really good looking

I am an Art Director who has been working in the industry for more than 9 years. After graduating high school in the US, I moved north to Montreal, Canada to pursue my passion for fine arts at university. From there I followed my roots back to Prague, Czech Republic where I studied privately under academic Czech painters, worked as a curator, produced various events around the city and founded my own design studio, which I lead for over 4 years. After closing up shop, I was one step on a plane back to the US when an opportunity came up in advertising. I decided to give it a try and instantly found a passion for the industry. I’ve had the pleasure to work on both local and global clients, and am always pushing to make every campaign better, more creative and more effective than the last one.

Member of:

ADC Czech, ADC*E


2019: 3x Gold ADC (Czech), 2x Silver ADC (Czech), 3x Bronze ADC (Czech), 2x Shortlist Golden Drum

2018: 1x Gold Effie (Czech), 1x Silver Effie (Czech)

2016: Young Lions Gold Print (Czech)


2019: Luerzer’s Int’l Archive v2.1908

Clients Include: 

Škoda Auto (Global Client), Frisco Cider (Plzeňský Prazdroj), Vichy (L’Oréal), Kofola, Royal Crown Cola (Kofola), Semtex (Kofola), #BRNOREGION (JIC, Jihomoravský Inovační Centrum), Platan Pivo (Lobkowicz Pivovar), Čistou Stopou Prahou (Magistrat HMP), Adecco Group (Global Client), Adecco Red (Adecco Group), Babiččina Volba, Armáda Spásy (The Salvation Army)


Cycling, Photography & Halušky