2016 Young Lions

Category Print: 1st Place Winner

The 2016 brief for Czech Republic was for the NPO “National Chronicles” which is an online portal for senior citizens to submit their personal stories from their past. For instance their first kiss in 1943 or what the 3rd grade was like in 1952. The brief was to create an A3 horizontal print ad that would attract younger generations to get interested in and visit the website.



In our team we decided to attack the brief using the insight that these days everyone relies on Google for his or her information, but not all information can be found on Google. Therefore we used famous dates in Czech history that are commonly known to the entire nation. i.e. the occupation by the Russians after WWII and the Velvet revolution in 1989. We then juxtaposed these dates with images that people wouldn’t expect to see related to these dates – images representing people personal stories. One is of a what seems to be a bike accident, the other of a seemingly big night out in a Czech pub. The headline then reads: “You won’t find this story on Google. Get to know it at www.narodnikronika.cz


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Narodni Kronika


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