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Semtex: Choose Your Energy


The new range of SEMTEX energy drinks didn’t merely bring 3 new flavors to the market; it introduced 3 types of energy for different needs. HIGH for quick energy boosts, LONG for longer stimulation and FLOW for the right mood and focus. For our TV spot we created 3 masked characters representing each of these products, and sent them all into a dark bar full of rowdy football hooligans. How will HIGH, LONG and FLOW apply their unique abilities and deal with the situation?


After our TV ad for Semtex hit the air with its own original music, people immediately began asking us to release the song as a full-length track. So, we answered the call, got back to the studio and made the full song. And now the question was how do we promote the track and engage with as many people as possible.


We decided to give the song away to ONLY ONE person, Jirka! A huge Semtex fan from a small Czech town. And we gave it to him with full ownership rights, his very own professionally shot music video and an unforgettable night sponsored by Semtex.


Through this singular story we were then able to deliver the song through social media to all the other SEMTEX fans as well. And they loved it, proving that sometimes, it’s enough to engage only one person when you want to engage everyone.



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