ŠKODA Motorsport: Behind The Scenes

Shot at 800 FPS. Maximum 8 seconds to get the shot, and we got it on the 13th take. 65 actors synchronised to do what they are supposed to at the perfect moment. You can see the video in the previous post, but here are the pictures from me wandering around the shoot when I had a chance. Boom! img_9965_low img_9968_low img_9983_low img_9990_low img_9992_low img_9993_low img_9996_low img_9997_low img_9999_low img_9865_low img_9870_low img_9892_low img_9896_low img_9912_low img_9920_low img_9922_low img_9925_low img_9930_low img_9937_low img_9955_low img_9961_low